How to use link

Images have a size limit of 2000 x 2000 pixel.

Tips & tricks

  • Square image

    You can easily have square image by speficy only image width.

  • Image ratio

    The second parameter in the url can also be an aspect ratio.

  • Crop position

    You can specify crop position by using short-hand syntaxe after size parameter.
    On X axis you can set 'l','c' or 'r', and on Y axis 't','c' or 'b'.

    cc (default)
  • Display image size

    To display the image size, just add "1" as last parameter.
    ( If you specify 1 pixel for the height, you will have a square image with image size displayed )


Get the Photoshop CC extension

  • NSFW Holder 1.4.1 - 2021 update

    Generate Babe Holder images directly in Photoshop CC.

    NSFW Holder

    You can use aecript ZXP installer to install.